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Come Join Us at the Table Fam

Come Join Us at the Table Fam

ISBN : 9782895070436

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A popular resource that offers programs for parents and sacramental preparation leaders. Come Join Us at the Table emphasizes parental involvement as Catholic children prepare for Confirmation and First Communion. The entire family is encouraged to learn, share, play and pray together. Stories, songs and puzzles are offered on virtually every page. Realistic activities and simple family rituals support what is done in the parish community.Come Join Us at the Table provides a process that respects the children and their families and links their life experience with the story of Jesus. Parents are able to deepen their understanding of sacramental and liturgical language as they follow the rhythm of the liturgical seasons. The entire family is able to reach a more integral appreciation of the sacramental experience without ever feeling inadequate. Parents are invited to ask themselves, as well as their children, if they are really ready and willing to make a commitment to their community of faith.Loftus & DeMong, Loftus M, DeMong L

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